"Learning is for Everyone"


Dr. Lois P. Tennenbaum


In every tear,
    a smile

In every smile,
    a laugh

In every laugh,
    a hope

In each hope,

In each support,
    a strategy

In every strategy,


What comes after the diagnosis?

Success across the lifespan - serving children, adolescents and adults.

Each life leaves an imprint, ours on those we touch, and certainly, eternally, those we have been touched by. Experiences, good or bad, always serve as our rudders steering the directions in which we proceed.

Professionally, it was not my intention to become first an educator and later a brain injury specialist. Both journeys were embarked upon to help my own son, Matt. I watched in angst, as he faced his lifespan struggles with a developmental disability, and then a work-related brain injury five years ago. I witnessed inappropriate classification, insufficient knowledge, and indifferent compassion in both circumstances that propelled him into self-fulfilling prophetic worlds driven by low expectations.

A few courses became a degree, a degree became a career path, and the path became my lifelong passion fortified by the smile of each & every person’s success. Kiss the Sky!

I have spent the majority of my life helping to create success stories for individuals & families. I possess an educational toolbox fully equipped with the evidence-based strategies of a professional, and the ferocious heart of a person who “gets it”.

Do not allow a disability or brain injury to be the gravity that holds you down. Reach for the clouds.


Let’s travel the road to success together………

Dr. Lois Tannenbaum


Copyright L.I.F.E. Source


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